Virtual Learning Services

Virtual Meetings, Events and Instructor Led Learning:
Increase Profitability and Effectiveness of Virtual Instructor Led Training Web Meetings & Events

With 15+ years established expertise supporting virtual meetings, virtual events and virtual instructor led training, Amerimatics is one of the most experienced providers of virtual learning services & support (“VLS”).  Our services include strategic consulting, production support, instructor and facilitator training and help desk services. We successfully support hundreds of virtual classroom and conference sessions a year and have extensive experience with virtual meetings, corporate training and university-based virtual instructor led training.

Amerimatics offers “VLS Partner Programs” that can be customized to client requirements. With significantly strengthened virtual presence, Amerimatics VLS Partners increase profitability and effectiveness through decreased travel costs, increased attendance, improved customer satisfaction and lower support costs.


Amerimatics provides the following services, all of which can be customized in an integrated VLS program for individual clients:

  • Strategic Consulting Services
  • Virtual Meeting and Event Management
  • Facilitator/Instructor Training
  • Virtual Course Development
  • Production Support (Virtual Meeting Assistance)
  • Virtual Meeting Hosting


Strategic Consulting Services

Amerimatics provides strategic consulting services to help clients understand their virtual meeting, event or learning support needs; quantify the value of incorporating high-quality production support for current initiatives; identify specific high-value VLS options required by the organization; and develop successful implementation strategies.


Virtual Meeting and Event Management

Text Box: QUALITY/ EFFECTIVENESS OF VIRTUAL SESSIONS What is the impact on the quality and effectiveness of your session when: 1. Participants have problems logging in 2. Presenter can’t effectively manage breakout rooms, chats, questions, quizzes or surveys and polls 3. Internet connectivity is lost 4. Participants experience difficulties or have support questions

Amerimatics provides extensive virtual meeting, event and learning services. We can provide the virtual environment and ensure your presenters will be successful using these tools. We help you identify the web meeting software, tools and presentation format that’s right for you and your audience. We offer training and best practice consulting for virtual meetings of all sizes.

Before, during and after the meeting a fully trained and experienced Amerimatics producer will ensure a smooth and engaging meeting flow by fielding technical problems, managing breakout rooms, monitoring and identifying salient events in chats, instant message and other social media and ensuring the needed content is always available to the presenter.

Post meeting follow-up can include designing and deploying online meeting evaluations, providing summary and meeting archive information to participants and conducting a lessons-learned meeting with the meeting host. We can help ensure your web meetings are powerful, engaging and professional virtual meetings.


Virtual Course Development

Amerimatics’ consultants have many years of collective experience developing effective, interactive virtual learning experiences in environments such as Adobe Connect, WebEx Training Center, Go To Meeting, Saba Centra and Zoom.   We combine expertise in pedagogy and virtual technologies, along with years of experience in delivering virtual learning in professional and academic environments.


Instructor Training 

Amerimatics provides instructor training and coaching, including use of the e-learning platform technology, and training in effective classroom techniques to maximize learning and resulting customer satisfaction.  This training includes techniques to increase participant interaction, effective use of break-out room activities, classroom discussion strategies, components of effective presentations, and use of videos and online supplements.  Our training leverages Amerimatics’ extensive experience in virtual learning technology and decades of experience in development and implementation of highly rated university courses. 


Production Support

Amerimatics provides producer support services for the major web conferencing platforms including Adobe Connect, SABA Centra, WebEx, Zoom, Go to Meeting and others as requested.  Amerimatics’ producer services include:

  1. Pre meeting setup and administration, including attendee
    • Registration
    • Notification
    • Pre-meeting troubleshooting and support
  2. Virtual meeting room configuration, including
    • Preparing and starting meetings
    • Loading and configuring meeting content
  3. Instructor/facilitator preparation, rehearsal, training and support
  4. Virtual meeting room management, including
    • Engaging with instructors and participants to minimize technical issues and maximize participation
    • Ensuring real time student communications are appropriately addressed
    • Identifying unengaged participants
    • Managing the functional aspects of the virtual meeting platform, including break-out sessions, quizzes and surveys, polls
    • Resolving instructor and participant technical issues
    • Summarizing and recording key contributions
    • Closing the session
  5. Post course management (e.g., summary reporting related to producer services, final document delivery to participants, etc.)

Although our clients often manage their own platform licensing, course content, instructor assignments and course management, Amerimatics and its partners can also provide these services upon request.

Virtual Meeting Hosting 

Amerimatics can host virtual meetings, events and courses on Adobe Connect with optional teleconference support.  Amerimatics will configure and test the virtual room in advance of the session. Hosting can be priced on a per meeting, per course, or annual license basis.




  • 20+ years established expertise in providing help desk support
    • Over 15 years supporting various web conferencing platforms and clients
    • Process and resolve over 10,000 support requests per month
  • 5+ years established expertise providing virtual learning support
    • Annually support hundreds of classes for multiple clients
  • Decadesof experience developing and implementing virtual instructor led courses
  • Includebanking, telecom, universities, manufacturing, insurance, sales, pharmaceutical and not-for-profit organizations

Proven, reliable and highly experienced 7x24x365 staff capabilities

Federal competitive advantages(“Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business”)

US-based staffing

Highly cost effective



Next Steps? 

 Amerimatics VLS will work with your organization to understand your requirements and identify your opportunities.  We will then develop a proposal outlining the required VLS and systems, and provide specific time frames for implementation and pricing quotes.

Let us help you increase the profitability and effectiveness of your virtual meetings, virtual events and virtual learning programs!

Text Box: Amerimatics Client Testimonials “ . . our instructor had GREAT things to say about your producing skills. Of the things he really appreciates is that you anticipate what might happen and actively prepare for scenarios. . . . Your role is critical for their success.” Resource Network Manager “You are the handled the re-juggling of the break out rooms without breaking a sweat! And with the added surprise of shortening the session and with me losing my connection to start with made for an interesting morning. I couldn't have done it without your expertise, calmness and moral support. Thanks.” Instructor “Thank you VERY much for your outstanding support in this course! [My first go at taking a (client) course in virtual format]. All new territory for me and this is ‘just what the Doctor ordered.’ “ Branch Chief - Federal Government Agency “I just had two sessions with [producers] and want to let you know what an amazing [producers] he is! He is proactive in checking on what is important about producing for a specific customer. He knows the platform and comes up with fixes that are transparent to the participants. We had a glitch getting people signed in early and [the producers] was amazing at getting 17 people in and phones merged in a matter of minutes. It is so great to work with a true partner in the virtual training room!” Master Trainer Listen to what instructors have to say about Amerimatics in their own words …